Investment Platform

Investment Platform

Our diversified and unique investment platform includes both traditional and non-traditional asset classes incorporating public securities, private alternatives and real assets.

Our Platforms

Investment Platform

Traditional Income

Our expertise in fixed income is provided by a broad team of accomplished portfolio managers who benefit from an average of over 20 years of industry experience. The diverse academic backgrounds of the team’s members combine actuarial sciences, economics and finance, as well as extensive investment experience within the insurance and credit agency industries.

Our fixed income teams seek to optimize the risk-return trade-off through the use of diversified strategies including duration management, portfolio positioning along the yield curve, sector rotation and prudent credit analysis, as they each provide independent opportunities to add value within a disciplined risk-controlled framework. This active approach can enhance overall portfolio returns in virtually any interest rate or economic environment.

Investment Platform

Non-Traditional Income

We are a leader in non-traditional and private alternatives asset class management, such as private debt, infrastructure and real estate.

We offer these non-traditional strategies with the investment performance, operational depth, level of transparency and risk control that investors seek.

Investment Platform

Traditional Capital Appreciation

Independent fundamental research is the cornerstone of our Global Equity approach.

Our Equity professionals are divided into specialized teams, and each group conducts in-depth fundamental research across all sectors within their areas of expertise.

Teamwork across these various groups allows them to benefit from the independent and unbiased opinions of their colleagues in terms of research, investment theses and portfolio positioning.

Investment Platform

Non-Traditional Capital Appreciation

We have designed and structured each of our non-traditional capital appreciation investment strategies to benefit from our depth of expertise in the areas of equity, fixed income and economic research, strategy structuring, risk management and trading. These strategies include asset classes such as market neutral, long / short and private equity.

Our team offers non-traditional strategies with the investment performance, operational depth, level of transparency and risk control that investors seek.

Investment Platform


Fiera Capital offers a broad range of strategies across traditional and non-traditional asset classes. This allows us to build balanced solutions which combine some of our key strategies in well-diversified portfolios that benefit from our asset allocation expertise.

Investment Platform

Private Alternative Investments

Leading in private alternative strategies

Fiera Capital’s extensive offering of private alternative strategies leverages the firm’s experienced talent and execution capabilities to provide investors seeking to further diversify their portfolios with innovative solutions that offer the potential for higher growth, higher yields, stronger absolute returns and less volatility, along with a liquidity-risk premium.

Private alternative solutions enable clients to address their capital-appreciation and income objectives while enjoying a measure of protection against inflation.

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