Multi-Strategy Income

Strategy Overview

Investment Strategy

This strategy provides an attractive cash yield and stable returns through income generation. The strategy will invest in a broad range of assets including, corporate and convertible bonds, preferred shares, private lending, REITs, mortgages, infrastructure and real-estate.

The investment philosophy is that fixed-income-related assets will generally have a short to mid-term orientation, which will reduce capital volatility. The objective is to benefit from the yield premium available on corporate investments. Credit risk is minimized by the broad diversification in the portfolio and active management.

The investment team actively manages the asset-class exposures to achieve the strategy’s objectives based on the risk and return outlook for each asset class. Security selection is based on fundamental analysis and the managers lever the research capabilities of Fiera’s fixed income and equity teams.

Why Invest in this Strategy

  • Higher yielding solution in today’s low interest rate environment
  • Investment in a broad range of assets to diversify sources of return
  • Aims to limit downside risk through a diversified portfolio of revenue generating traditional and alternative investments
  • Low duration solution which aims to offer better protection against interest rate increases
  • Targets enhanced diversification through low correlation with traditional asset classes


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