Our Approach

At Fiera Capital Private Wealth, we adopt a consultative process to determine a client’s risk tolerance and investment needs. Helping clients achieve their investment goals is our most important job.

Customized investment policy and strategy

Designed to achieve your investment objectives

The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a guiding document for your portfolio that serves as a framework for investment decision-making, ensuring discipline and consistency.

Your Investment Policy:

  • Establishes the strategic asset allocation targets and ranges for tactical moves reflecting your risk/return profile.
  • Ensures all parties are in agreement on how the portfolio will be managed.
  • Specifies any limitations to be placed on any asset classes or specific securities.

Strategic and tactical asset allocation

Ensures your portfolio is properly positioned in all market conditions

Diversified and unique investment platform

Traditional and non-traditional asset classes act as the building blocks for your portfolio and improve risk-return opportunities

Portfolio optimization

Use of public and private assets with non-correlated sources of return to maximize the benefits of diversification

Utilizing non-traditional asset classes with low correlation can provide a further reduction in overall risk and a more sustainable return pattern.

Optimizing Portfolio Risk and Return