Equities   |   Nov 25, 2021

Canadian Equities – Responsible Investing Report

When we began to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment process, it was immediately clear that they matter not only to society but to investors as well. In fact, these sorts of extra-financial metrics align well with an investment philosophy focused on owning high quality companies to achieve long-term results.

We have since seen incredible and important progress and so, it seems appropriate to provide more insight and transparency into the sustainability activities of and progress made by the companies in our portfolio.

A change is no doubt underway. Little by little, these companies are publishing sustainability reports, they are adopting reporting frameworks, setting emission reduction targets, thinking about the risks of climate change to operations, focusing more on human capital development and social responsibility, and investing more in technology and data security.

Sustainability is even influencing purchasing behaviour, supply chain activity, and new product development.


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