Alternatives   |   Jan 24, 2019

ESG Case Study – Fiera Infrastructure

At Fiera Capital, we understand the importance of both investing for long-term sustainability and maximizing returns for our clients. We firmly believe these two basic tenets are not in conflict. Given the various investment teams and asset classes that Fiera Capital manages within our platform, in order to integrate each of these basic tenets, all of our investment teams have the flexibility to determine how each assesses the materiality of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk factors, and how they integrate this assessment of risk into their investment processes.

We believe this flexible approach creates a more meaningful framework that enhances engagement on ESG risk factors within each team and reinforces a culture of continuous learning about risk management and sustainability throughout the firm.

But while it’s essential to explain our philosophy of ESG integration, we believe it’s equally important to demonstrate exactly how our teams have incorporated their ESG philosophy into their investment decisions. To that end, what follows is a sample of one of our teams’ recent investment process taken with a particular emphasis on ESG risk assessment.

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