ESG/Responsible Investing   |   Aug 3, 2020

Sustainable & Impact Global Equity Strategies

Elena Gorbatkova, Assistant Portfolio Manager, presents the Sustainable and Impact Global Equity Strategies.

Elena Gorbatkova
Assistant Portfolio Manager, CGOV Equities

Recorded on July 29, 2020.

Elena Gorbatkova joined Fiera Capital in 2018 following its acquisition of CGOV Asset Management, where she was responsible for researching and selecting investments which were consistent with the firm’s investment philosophy. Currently, she is a Senior Analyst, CGOV Equities.

Prior to joining CGOV in 2016, Ms. Gorbatkova spent 6 years at Wealhouse Capital, where she was responsible for researching and selecting investments in Global Healthcare, Consumer and Agriculture sectors. Ms. Gorbatkova began her career in 2008 at Mercer Investment Consulting, where she worked as an Investment Analyst.

Ms. Gorbatkova received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto in 2008.

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